[Postgres-xl-general] Installation On Ubuntu/Debian

Dan Robinson danjr89 at cs.stanford.edu
Tue Sep 23 14:34:58 PDT 2014

Hi all,

Postgres-XL looks great! I'd like to profile it on a data problem I have
and generally play with it.

Are there any plans to build debian-compatible packages alongside the RPMs?
Hosting an apt repo would be ideal. Inability to cleanly install adds a
pretty big hurdle to trying out Postgres-XL for people on ubuntu.

My company runs everything on ubuntu. Compiling from source on ubuntu
results in errors when it tries to build documentation in the "make" step,
and then the "make install" step won't run at all. (This is with clean
output from ./configure, so I'm not sure what's going on.) Installing from
RPMs on ubuntu requires some hacking via alien, and I'm still not sure the
linking is working correctly.

Thanks in any case. Looking forward to trying it out!

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