[Postgres-xl-general] Can't drop database

Aaron Jackson ajackson at revionics.com
Mon Sep 22 11:17:54 PDT 2014

1 server - Amazon - m2
1 gtm - on m2 instance

3 servers - Amazon i2.xlarge
3 coordinators - one per server
6 datanodes - two per server
3 gtm proxies - one per server

I realize this is difficult to create from the limited information I have given you so I am working on crafting a test case with non-proprietary data so that you can have something a bit more tangible to work with.

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On Sat, Sep 20, 2014 at 12:51 AM, Aaron Jackson <ajackson at revionics.com<mailto:ajackson at revionics.com>> wrote:
This problem appears to have reappeared.  Simple process that uses about 4 threads to load data into the database concurrently.  At one point, the load failed due to timeout and I began to query pg_stat_activity on the underlying datanodes.

All 6 datanodes had the following query reported ...


Coord2 and Coord3 also reported the same query.  Coord1 had no such query running.

When I tried to drop the database I was told there was 1 prepared transaction using the database.  Now, I will go through and hunt down the errant node and reset it but this is exactly what happened last time.  And it only appears to happen when I'm doing dataload via copy on more than one table concurrently.
OK, we can try to reproduce this. So, 4 concurrent data loads, each via a different coordinator, and each into a different table? Any other information, like, GTM Proxy used? Any other concurrent activity present on the cluster?



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