[Postgres-xl-general] Repeatably Installing Postgres-XL

Aaron Jackson ajackson at revionics.com
Tue Sep 9 09:39:09 PDT 2014

It has been a while since I setup a cluster and I did so today and found myself getting a bit flustered by the process.  So, I wanted to make sure I was doing this correctly because I think it's a good chance to capture doing this properly.

  *   Started in my home directory on a new machine (post pgsql-xl installation)
  *   Executed pgxc_ctl prepare - which created ~/pgxc_ctl and associated files
  *   Edited ~/pgxc_ctl/pgxc_ctl.conf
     *   Changed the user to 'current user'
     *   Changed gtmMasterServer
     *   Disable gtmSlave - single server / no HA
     *   Disable gtmProxy - single server
     *   Reduce coordNames, coordPorts, poolerPorts, coordMasterServers, coordMasterDirs down to 1 entry
     *   Disable coordSlave
     *   Disable coordSlaveSync
     *   Add base changes to coordExtraConfig
     *   Reduce datanodeNames, datanodePorts, datanodePoolerPorts down to 1 entry
     *   Reduce datanodeMasterServers, datanodeMasterDirs down to 1 entry
     *   Disable datanodeSlave
     *   Add datanodeExtraConfig
     *   Add base changes to datanodeExtraConfig
  *   Executed pgxc_ctl init gtm - works fine
  *   Executed pgxc_ctl init datanode - failed on a simple vm
     *   Tune kernel parameters, run pgtune if applicable
     *   Change values, re-run
  *   Executed pgxc_ctl init coordinator - should work fine if you tuned in the prior step
  *   Executed pgxc_ctl start all - worked fine

Now, I have a GTM, coordinator and datanode all running.  Now I must manually add the datanode to the cluster via a "CREATE NODE" command to the coordinator.  I'm of the opinion that I missed something here because I think if this was 6 nodes, it would be painful to get all of these nodes online.
Also, I think that while pgxc_ctl is a useful tool, it can be as frustrating as sar if things aren't crystal clear.  Thinking about my own administration team, this may be a good time to kick off a web-frontend to pgxl management.  If such a tool came into existence on github would there be any interest?
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