[Postgres-xl-developers] Issue setting up postgres-xl on multiple nodes.

Tomas Vondra tomas.vondra at 2ndquadrant.com
Thu Oct 26 03:52:29 PDT 2017


On 10/26/2017 01:46 AM, Anusha Muthyampeta wrote:
> Hi Team,
>       I am trying to set up postgres-xl on 2 nodes by having GTM running
> on one node and Coordinator, datanodes running on another node. The
> version of postgres-xl i am using is below:
> psql (Postgres-XL) 9.5r1.4
> (based on PostgreSQL) 9.5.5 (Postgres-XL 9.5r1.4)
> I modified the configuration files on one node to have only gtm setup
> and for coordinator, datanodes i have given another cluster node name
> instead of localhost. And executed below command.
> pgxc_ctl init gtm
> pgxc_ctl monitor all -> GTM is up and running on 1st node
> pgxc_ctl deploy node2 -> this should deploy Coordinator and datanodes on
> 2nd cluster node which i mentioned in the config
So, what commands have you used to actually define the cluster?

> Error i get is line 186: $coordExtraConfig: ambiguous redirect
> I didn't modify anything w.r.t this configuration.

Well, I suppose you did run some "pgxc_ctl add" commands, and that
somehow produced a broken pgxc_ctl.conf file.

> What kind of configurations should we modify to have this kind of setup
> ? I am new to postgres-xl. Please let me know if you guys faced similar
> issues and how you resolved it.

Please share all the steps you've done in defining the cluster. AFAIK
pgxc_ctl should be enough for this use case, so modifying any config
files manually should not be needed.


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