[Postgres-xl-developers] Mailing List TLS Failure

tiredpixel tiredpixel at posteo.de
Sat Oct 21 07:38:44 PDT 2017

Dear Tomas,

Just to let you and others know, sending to the list using strict TLS sending guarantees appears to be broken, again. It did appear to work at one point, but not when I tried it just now.


tiredpixel (2017-08-17 14:25):
> Dear Tomas,
> Tomas Vondra (2017-08-16 14:50):
>> Thanks for the report. I'll see what we can do with this - the mailing lists are hosted on dreamhost, so I need to speak to their support.
>> regards
> Thank you. If I can be of assistance testing strict TLS sending guarantees once the issue has been resolved, please let me know.
> Peace,
> tiredpixel

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