[Postgres-xl-developers] Setting up GTM and Coordinator + DataNodes on separate nodes

Anusha Muthyampeta anusha.muthyampeta at stonybrook.edu
Tue Nov 7 08:17:23 PST 2017

Hi Team,

      I am trying to set up GTM on one node and Coordinator + Data Nodes on
a different cluster node.

Steps i have followed are as below:

1) I have run *pgxc_ctl prepare minimal config* to generate a minimal
config in pgxc_ctl.conf file.

2) Modified pgxc_ctl.conf to have coordinator and datanodes point to
different node(bmidb3) instead of localhost(bmidb2). So GTM will run on the
node1 and Coordinator and Datanodes will run on node2 mentioned in the
config file.

After changing the configurations i have run below commands.

3) pgxc_ctl init gtm -> to start gtm on 1st node (this works and gtm is up
and running)

4) pgxc_ctl deploy node2 -> this will deploy coordinator and datanodes on
node2 (this also succeeds with message deployment successful)

5) pgxc_ctl init all -> this doesn't start Coordinator and Datanodes on the
different node.

Attaching the config file i used here.

Please let me know if i am doing anything wrong in the configuration or the
way starting the nodes.

M. Anusha
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