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Jov amutu at amutu.com
Sat Jun 17 04:06:30 PDT 2017

ex/vi on linux usually is vim,which has a lot of imprisonment than vi.While
vi/ex on FreeBSD is the old vi.The problem can also be resolved by add vim
as build dependencise for Postgres-XL,but it is wired for database build
depend on a editor.

I fix some bug for pgxl 3 years ago and one of them is about wait.h. see:

>>>>> 2014-10-11 17:41 GMT+08:00  <amutu at ...>:
>>>>>> when build pgxl on FreeBSD,there are 3 problems:
>>>>>> 1."WEXITSTATUS(status) " macro can't be resolve when compile
>>>>>> src/gtm/gtm_ctl/gtm_ctl.c ,caused by lacking of sys/wait.h header.
>>>>>> 2.type "pid_t" undefined when compile contrib/pgxc_ctl/utils.h,caused
>>>>>> by lacking of sys/types.h header
>>>>>> 3.contrib/pgxc_ctl/make_signature bash can't be running bacause of it
>>>>>> think the bash is installed at /bin/bash,which is not true on
>>>>>> FreeBSD.replace with "#!/usr/bin/env bash" solve the problem.


2017-06-17 3:47 GMT+08:00 Tomas Vondra <tomas.vondra at 2ndquadrant.com>:

> Hi,
> On 6/15/17 6:46 AM, John Schneider wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm working on a FreeBSD port for Postgres-XL and have had some success
>> compiling and packaging it with basic options.
>> So far, I've found that two patches are necessary.  I've attached them
>> for your reference.  I suggest applying the patch for
>> contrib/pgxc_ctl/make_signature your source in git.  This replaces all
>> ex commands (which weren't working on FreeBSD) with a sed command.  I've
>> tested it both on FreeBSD and CentOS and confirmed the generated
>> pgxc_ctl_bash.c code is identical to that generated on CentOS before the
>> patch was applied.
> I've been looking at the patches today, and both seem to be working fine
> for me. I'm wondering why the 'ex' command was not working on FreeBSD,
> though. I don't have access to a FreeBSD box, but per man pages on the
> interwebs it seems the 'ex' command should work just like on Linux. Was the
> command itself missing (AFAICS it should be provided by 'vi'), or was it
> failing for some other reason?
> Similarly for the second patch, why is the new sys/wait.h include
> necessary? I suppose there's a difference between Linux and FreeBSD, but
> what is it?
> FWIW those are things that need to be mentioned in the commit message, if
> we end up committing those changes.
> thanks
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