[Postgres-xl-developers] Postgres-XC/XL cluster level redundancy

Ricky Jiang rickyjiang911 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 04:25:28 PST 2015


We're planning to build a database cluster using Postgres-XC or XL.
Besides the cluster, we're also going to build a backup  cluster for
disaster recovery.

Is it possible for Postgres XC or XL to do this? If yes, how to synchronize
data between the corresponding DataNodes and Coordinators?

Suppose we have a Cluster A and the backup Cluster B as following.

Cluster A:
GTM Master: gtm1
GTM Slave: gtm2
Coordinator Master:  coord1, coord2
Coordinator Slave:  coord3, coord4
DataNode Master:  dn1, dn2
DataNode Slave:   dn3, dn4

Cluster B:
GTM Master: gtm3
GTM Slave: gtm4
Coordinator Master:  coord5, coord6
Coordinator Slave:  coord7, coord8
DataNode Master:  dn5, dn6
DataNode Slave:   dn7, dn8

They are located in the same city but in different areas and the connection
between them are fast, for example, 1000M.

I think data synchronization should work in this way,

Coordinator Master: coord1-->coord5, coord2-->coord6
DataNode Master: dn1-->dn5, dn2-->dn6
GTM: I don't know how.

Do you think Postgres-XC or XL can work this way? What else should be

Thanks you,

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