[Postgres-xl-developers] DML in plpgsql functions

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Fri Sep 12 09:55:18 PDT 2014

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 8:11 AM, Roarke Wells <roarke at roarkew.com> wrote:

> Thanks for quick follow up.  Another in the continuing flood of
> questions....
> It appears that the information_schema is only available at the
> coordinator level - i.e. this executes and returns the correct table data:
> execute direct on (coord1) 'select * from information_schema.columns'
> However, the following throws a "sql_identifier does not exist" error
> execute direct on (node1) 'select * from information_schema.columns'
> Does the information_schema only exist on the coordinator with no data
> maintained on a node (even for tables that are partitioned to a specific
> node)?
EXECUTE DIRECT originally was really for debugging and allowing the DBA to
troubleshoot problems. It was not intended for developer use.

There should be no need to use EXECUTE DIRECT to query information_schema
at the coordinator level; you can query it directly.

In terms of why it is not working at the datanode level, I am not sure,
that would take some more digging.  You can query pg_catalog tables like
pg_class though as a work-around.


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