[Postgres-xl-developers] [patch]catch and report error when init connection on coord

Jov amutu at amutu.com
Thu Dec 18 20:53:41 PST 2014

problem desc:
pgxl init datanode connection with set global_session,this set stmt can be
failed on datanode(for example:if the datanode do not have the coord info
on it's pgxc_node,it will report error such as ""node ""coord1_2118"" does
not exist"" when running the set cmd),but the error on datanode do not
catch on the coord.So if you run a insert stmt on the coord,it will not
report error,but the data do in the table.

this patch fix it by catch and report error:

> postgres=# insert into kv values(11,'3_11');
> ERROR:  Could not begin transaction on data node.

diff --git a/src/backend/pgxc/pool/pgxcnode.c
index 7a01b18..7b816bb 100644
--- a/src/backend/pgxc/pool/pgxcnode.c
+++ b/src/backend/pgxc/pool/pgxcnode.c
@@ -2885,9 +2885,18 @@ pgxc_node_set_query(PGXCNodeHandle *handle, const
char *set_query)
                msgtype = get_message(handle, &msglen, &msg);
-                * Ignore any response except ReadyForQuery, it allows to
go on.
+                * Ignore any response except ErrorResponse and
ReadyForQuery, it allows to go on.
+               if (msgtype == 'E')         /* ErrorResponse */
+               {
+                   handle->error = pstrdup(msg);
+                   handle->state = DN_CONNECTION_STATE_ERROR_FATAL;
+                   break;
+               }
                if (msgtype == 'Z') /* ReadyForQuery */
                        handle->transaction_status = msg[0];

blog: http:amutu.com/blog <http://amutu.com/blog>
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