[postgres-xl-bugs] [Pglogical on Pg-XL] Mimistic configuration

Thomas Boussekey thomas.boussekey at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 08:51:01 PST 2018

Hello all,

We are installing a proof-of-concept container environment on Postgres-XL
to validate the feasability of a migration to this technical solution.

Our database, used by an OLTP retail application for point of sales
management, must be a subscriber of a Pglogical replication to inherit of
masterdata from a PostgreSQL master database.

According to slide 16 of the presentation:
, The "pglogical downstream" on the subscriber is connected to the
"Parser/Executor" part of a single node database instance.
On Postgres-XL, this part of the queries are managed on the coordinator

So my question is : "Where should we install Pglogical on a postgres-xl
configuration? Is it sufficient to install pglogical extension on
coordinator nodes only?"

Thanks in advance for your feedbacks,
Have a nice week-end,
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